CompanyÅfjord utvikling
Phone Number+47 97039265
Contact PersonDavid Koch Dupont-Mouritzen
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CompanyÅF Engineering AS
Phone Number+47 24 10 10 10
Contact PersonKristin Villa
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Vi leverer rådgiving innen infrastruktur, bygg, industri og utvikling og analyse.
ÅF Engineering AS ble etablert i 2016 og er et heleid selskap i ÅF-gruppen med røtter tilbake til 1895.

ÅF Engineering har ca. 400 medarbeidere i Oslo, Trondheim, Lillestrøm, Sandefjord, Bergen og Tromsø.

CompanyWSP Norge AS
Phone Number+47 72 59 70 00
Contact PersonAre-Magne Kregnes
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WSP Norge er en av Norges ledende virksomheter innen profesjonell prosjektledelse. Selskapet leverer prosjektledelse, prosjektutvikling og prosjektrelaterte spesialisttjenester til offentlige og private aktører innen en rekke bransjer, hvorav de viktigste er bygg og anlegg, samferdsel, energi og industri. WSP Norge ble i januar 2016 del av det verdensledende tekniske rådgiverselskapet WSP, som har hovedkontor i Montreal, Canada. På verdensbasis har WSP-konsernet over 34.000 medarbeidere fordelt på 500 kontorer i 40 land. Det betyr at vi i tillegg til å være best på prosjektledelse i Norge, har en unik kompetanse og kapasitet fra en global ressursbase som gjør oss enda bedre rustet til å støtte våre oppdragsgivere.

CompanyWindsea AS
Phone Number+47 932 87 107
Contact PersonAnders Tørud
Short description

WindSea is a new concept for offshore wind mills. The concept is developed using the gained experience in the offshore industry. In particular fabrication, access, installation, and maintenance are key issues the concept will address.
The WindSea concept consists of a floating device supporting 3 wind mills. WindSea AS is established to develop, test and commercialize the WindSea floating windmill system. WindSea is owned by FORCE Technology and NLI, both leading players in their respective fields.

CompanyVitec AS
Phone Number+47 45 48 46 00
Contact PersonBjarne Bjørnbakk
Short description

Since May 2000 Vitec has been a reliable and preferred partner for onshore and offshore industry. Vitec is a complete supplier of services within Non Destructive Testing, welding technology, training of welders, surveying and dimensional control for construction and plant, and Competent Body for lifting equipment. By giving us the responsibility for these services, our customers can use their valuable human recourses for their main business. With our 67 highly skilled employees our customers can be sure that their safety is fulfilled. Our company is situated in Verdal Industry Park in the middle of Norway. Vitec is operating world wide.

CompanyVerdal Næringsforum
Phone Number+47 99705499
Contact PersonBjarne Sørgjerd
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Verdal Næringsforum`s mission is to strengthen the contact between the regional authorities and the business environment in the Verdal region.

CompanyVeidekke Entreprenør
Phone Number+47 910 08 598
Contact PersonErik Eiane
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Veidekke is one of Scandinavia’s largest construction and property development companies. The company undertakes all types of building and construction contracts, maintains roads and produces asphalt and aggregates. The company’s operations are characterised by involvement and local knowledge. Revenue is NOK 30 billion (2016), and half of the 7,400 employees own shares in the company. Veidekke is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has always posted a profit since it was founded in 1936.

CompanyTrønderEnergi AS
Phone Number+47 07273
Contact PersonBernhard Kvaal
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TrønderEnergi is an energy company that is fully owned by 23 municipalities in Sør-Trøndelag. They produce renewable energy, build infrastructure and contributes to added value in the region. Trønderenergi operates two wind parks at Bessakerfjellet and Valsneset. Total installed capacity at these parks are 69 MW

CompanyTrønderbilene AS
Phone Number+47 911 80 336
Contact PersonArild Hegdal
Short description

Trønderbilene AS driver kollektivtransport og verkstedtjenester i begge trøndelagsfylkene, Hedmark og Oppland. Selskapet eies av Torghatten ASA.  Torghatten ASA er et av landets største transportkonsern og har en årlig omsetning på 7,5 mrd og med ca. 4500 ansatte. Trønderbilene AS er ISO14001 sertifisert.

Trønderbilene AS har en årlig omsetning på ca. 650 mkr og det er ca. 640 ansatte. Selskapets hovedkontor ligger i Levanger. Verksteddriften i Trønderbilene AS består i dag av 4 verkstedselskap med fullt utbygde verksteder på Steinkjer, Åfjord, Støren og Kolvereid. Virksomheten har store ambisjoner både overfor interne og eksterne kunder.

CompanyTore Løkke A/S
Phone Number +47 72534050
Contact PersonTore Løkke
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Company Tore Løkke A/S was founded in 1967 and a corporation from 1982.
The company aims to conduct construction activities within the construction industry. Our company has extensive experience in various types of construction activities.We are doing both small and large contracts and has one of Mid-Norway’s largest and most modern machinery.

CompanySparebank1 SMN
Phone Number+47 07373
Contact PersonAtle Mjøsund
Short description

Sparebank1 SMN is Mid-Norway’s largest bakn with assets totaling NOK 94 Billion at the end of first half of 2010. Head office is in Trondheim and the Group employs about 1,000 staff.

CompanySIVA Verdal Eiendom
Phone Number+4790999040
Contact PersonStig Krokstad
Short description

Selskapet SIVA Verdal Eiendom AS (SVE) ble etablert 17.12.2002 og er et naturlig steg videre i samarbeidet mellom Kværner Verdal og SIVA. Alle SIVAs engasjementer i Verdal er nå samlet i SIVA Verdal Eiendom AS. Kværner Verdal AS eier de arealer og bygg som primært er knyttet opp til Kværner selskapenes egen virksomhet. SVE eier og leier ut 3 industrihaller på tilsammen 5 500 kvm, kontorbygg (VIPsenteret) på 7 500 kvm og en industributikk på 300 kvm. I tillegg eier selskapet 60 000 kvm tomt som leies ut på langsiktige festeavtaler.

Phone Number+47 73 59 30 00
Contact PersonJohn Olav Giæver Tande
Short description

The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia with some 2100 employees carrying out contract research in a broad range of fields. The vision of SINTEF is «Technology for a better society». On wind energy research the main activity is offshore wind technology and grid integration. SINTEF Energy Research is hosting NOWITECH – Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology.

CompanySarens Norway
LocationVerdal, Kristiansund, Ålesund, Haugesund og Stavanger
Phone Number+ 47 906 80 360
Contact PersonRoger Hågensen
Short description

The Sarens Group is a recognized worldwide leader in heavy lifting and engineered transport. With state of the art equipment and value engineering, Sarens offers its customers creative solutions to today»s heavy lift and transport challenges. Sarens» success lies in its entrepreneurial spirit ; «Nothing too heavy, nothing too high!»


CompanyRope Access Sverige AB
Phone Number+46 (0)8 796 9210
Contact PersonMartin Sjöblom
Short description

Rope Access Sverige AB is one of the leading companies in northern europe when it comes to service, maintenance and repair of rotor blades and wind turbine towers.

The company was founded in 1997 and provide all kind of works in «hard to reach» areas within the wind turbine sector, with focus in qualified structural composite repairs of rotor blades.

As a proud service provider for some of the worlds leading wind turbine manufactures, such as Vestas, Siemens and Enercon, Quality is allways our main focus together with the most cost effective solution for our customers.

We carry out work tasks from inspection and repairs using rope access work method, to advanced structural composite repairs using mobile suspension platforms, With all resourses needed availible within our company.

CompanyReinertsen AS
Phone Number+47 81 55 21 00
Contact PersonMorten Bjerkås
Short description

Reinertsen supplies services within the market area of oil & gas and industry, civil construction and transportation/infrastructure. Reinertsen supply services throughout the value chain from conceptual studies, project development and engineering, through to construction, installation and maintenance during operation.

CompanyProneo AS
Phone Number+47 91 34 02 10
Contact PersonSvein Larsen
Short description

Proneo is a regional innovation and business development company.
Proneo shall contribute to increased regional value creation through:
– Development of existing business and industry
– Linking between R&D and industry leaders
– New ventures and spinoffs

CompanyPromek AS
Phone Number+4771544444
Contact PersonSvein Roksvåg
Short description

Promek is a leading manufacturer of work boats and custom aluminum boats up to 20 meters. The boats we produce are known for their high quality.  The main market for Promek AS aquaculture industry, but the company also has significant supplies to other industries in Norway and Scandinavia.

CompanyProactima AS
Phone Number+4799523886
Contact PersonJens Thomas Sagør
Short description

THE PROACTIMA WAY: Our aim is to help our clients to better manage their own risks. Good management requires competence, methods and practical experience. Proactima delivers that through consulting services, tools and training.

Our consultants are recognized by

–          Professionalism – we have leading experts in all our specialist disciplines.

–          Diverse backgrounds – specialist competence in at least one of the company’s service areas.


Proactima can deliver a broad range of services related to field exploration and planning, field development and operations, e.g.

  • enterprise and project risk management
  • HSEQ management
  • emergency preparedness
  • occupational health

CompanyPeikko Norge AS
Phone Number+47 32 20 88 80
Contact PersonGunnar Moen
Short description

Peikko is a world class company providing wind turbine foundation concepts. You as turbine distributor, investor or main constructor can utilize the foundation concept in your projects for all turbine types

What does this unique concept means in practice? For the customer it means only one partner to carry risks with the most requiring area: the Peikko design and anchoring components. Also risk management with needed documentation is included to concept.

Wind turbines and turbine towers are getting bigger and higher – and so are fatigue loads and risks of foundation defects. Fatigue load design is always demanding and grows even more complicated with extreme tower heights. Typically today the foundation is made of components from different suppliers, which increases the risk of delays in lead time. Sharing of responsibilities among many suppliers and contractors can create conflicts.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have your foundation made of components that are fully integrated with each other, with the service also including the design? One supplier, for clear responsibilities. Peikko has made this possible!

Wind tower foundations are under high dynamic loads throughout their life cycle. To ensure the functionality of the foundation, the design and all the critical components have to meet strict requirements. Peikko’s post-tensioned FatBar bolt system is much safer than are the traditional embedded steel bolts, which still are often used in onshore steel tower foundations. The safety aspect of the post-tensioning system has increased the use of post-tensioning systems in general. The major wind turbine manufacturers are leading this development.

Peikko has optimized the wind turbine foundation as a total solution. The cost-effectiveness and reliability of Peikko’s foundation solution is a result of extensive R&D work alongside wind turbine manufacturers and engineering partners.